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Purchase Orders

We happily accept purchase orders from corporate, educational, non-profit and government organizations pending a credit review by our finance and accounting staff. Purchase orders must be signed, bona fide documents that specify both a shipping and billing address; the preferred shipping method; and all relevant costs, including product prices, shipping and handling, and taxes (if applicable). Requisitions, letters or faxes referencing a purchase order number will not be accepted.

To place an order by purchase order we must receive the purchase order by fax or postal mail. Please Fax Purchase Orders To: 877-219-9936 Some additional terms and conditions include: • The minimum purchase order amount we accept is $ 2,500.00 • Payment terms are Net 30. • We cannot accept purchase order numbers over the phone. •

We cannot accept international purchase orders. • We cannot process an order until we have received a signed purchase order. Please call Stephanie in our Accounting Department for further details,